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Our Golden Rule

Our golden rule is customer satisfaction hence we continually look to improve our menu & exceed our customers’ expectations. We value your feedback so if you have any questions, comments or ideas, please leave us a comment.

Our Story

Khansalar was launched. Khansalar is one of the oldest and most sophisticated cuisines and its influence has quickly spread across the world.

Traditional Dishes were added to menu. Khansalar is elegant, powerful and mysteriously attractive. It uses many ingredients.

Chef’s special foods were added to menu. Khansalar has been around through many centuries and generations and brings out the taste of the fresh ingredients used to prepare this unique persian food.

Khansalar website was updated. Online ordering has been available since 2020 and you could buy your favorite foods.

We use fresh herbs and combines meat and prepare them by hand
This isn’t the fastest way, but the best way


we use fresh herbs and combines meat, vegetables, fruits and nuts, exotic spices such as saffron, cardamon and dried limes.Therefore be ready to experience the taste of authentic Persia and flavours of heaven.

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