7 Iranian dishes that have fascinated foreigners-Part 2

7 Iranian dishes that have fascinated foreigners-Part 2

Were you with us last week? If your answer is negative, you should definitely read the following article first and then continue reading the active article.

Fesenjan stew: the first place of Iranian cuisine

Until now, you may have thought that your favorite stew for parties is only available among Iranians, but we must say that in this list, the first place of the most popular Iranian food goes to the king of Iranian stews: Fesenjan stew. It doesn’t matter whether it is sweet or sour, both are so popular that it is impossible to choose between them. The creative and tasteful people of the green northern region of Iran cook a stew that attracts the soul and heart. Maybe the person who poured walnuts, pomegranate paste and meat into the pot for the first time to create something, never thought that he was recording a unique global dish. We must say that he has very cleverly combined the ingredients to achieve this delicious food because Fesenjan provides all the nutritional needs of the body and has countless properties to the extent that it is even beneficial for mental health and relieves stress and anxiety. It takes you away. In addition, it is interesting to know that Fesenjan stew has existed since ancient times, and some inscriptions mention the food cooked with walnuts, meat, and pomegranate.

Eggplant stew: Iranian stew that refreshes the mind

Apparently, the taste of foreign tourists is very similar to that of Iranians, because the next favorite food is again from the family of stews and is among the most popular among Iranians. We can’t imagine that the eggplant stew is in the middle and the mouth won’t be watering. Eggplant is popular and delicious by itself, certainly when it is combined with onion, meat, tomato, etc., its taste will remain under the tongue for a long time. Of course, Iranians cook this delicious Iranian food in Toronto in different ways with their creativity, for example, many women use fried eggplant to prepare this stew, others use grilled eggplant, or some women also use cod for this stew. But others prefer the taste of eggplant to come under the tongue more than anything else. Finally, what is offered as eggplant stew is so delicious that maybe the way it is cooked has less effect on the taste, and the fact that the name of the dish is eggplant stew is enough for a full heart to eat.

Ash Reshte: traditional Iranian-world food

The traditional food of many ancient Iranian festivals and rituals is now one of the most popular foods in the world. Ash Reshte is one of the most special foods that just one bowl of it will satisfy your daily need for food. The combination of various types of legumes with aromatic vegetables, noodles, garlic and onions leaves nothing to be said and empty space for anyone, even picky eaters. The special seasoning of curd also completes this wonderful combination.

Kebab: the entertainment food of Iranians

Finally, we come to the special food of Iranians that plays with the soul: Kebab; One of the main, popular and permanent dishes. Kebab and its cooking methods are so diverse that a separate topic is considered in cooking training for different types of kebabs, and to be fair, preparing special ingredients for this food and cooking kebabs is not everyone’s job. More charming than all kinds of pounded and leafy kebabs, grilled chicken, grilled ribs, etc., is the aroma of this food that no one can resist. It is interesting that foreign tourists have noticed that cooking kebabs is one of the pastimes of Iranians and it relieves fatigue.

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