Boiled food, diet and healthy food!

Boiled food, diet and healthy food!

Boiling and steaming food is one of the ways that helps us use the most nutrients in food; because most of the time by frying foods, their properties are lost and we may lose our health in the long term and by consuming too much of these foods; But should you never eat fried food?! What are the benefits of boiled food? In this article from Khansalar, we are not only talking about diet with boiled food; Rather, we will tell you some diet food recipes to enjoy boiled or steamed Iranian food in Toronto.

Benefits of boiled food

In many diets and ketogenic diets, people are encouraged to consume boiled and steamed foods. Even in an exaggerated way, they ask them to completely abandon frying and consume only boiled food in order to prepare a variety of diet foods; But the question that arises is whether this method is scientifically correct?! Is it not harmful to the body? Because it has always been said that restricting nutrients or consuming a food as a weight loss diet is not the right way and will harm the body in the long run. Isn’t eating boiled food in every meal similar to this style?!


According to the research conducted in which the weight loss diet and its responsiveness were examined, it was observed:
Those who eliminated oil completely from their diet and ate no fatty foods not only did not harm their bodies, but also lost less weight than those who used fat in their diet.
In fact, our body needs fat; Because to make many hormones, in the structure of cells and to perform many functions in the body, we need fat. Also, fats in the body have impact properties, and our body can keep itself warm by burning fats. There is also a type of diet that is based on the consumption of fats and the amount of carbohydrates is small, which is called the ketogenic diet.

So it is necessary to consume healthy fats and oils; But this does not mean that this oil should be obtained in fried foods; Because frying foods can destroy the nutrients in them. Therefore, you can prepare boiled and steamed food and to make it tastier and more nutritious, use healthy oils such as olive oil when cooking them.

How to prepare several models of boiled food

We can cook all kinds of boiled food with different ingredients that not only preserve the health of all the ingredients in it; It should be very tasty and appetizing. We can use mushrooms, potatoes, meat, eggs, vegetables and chicken. One of the most common forms of preparing meat, without frying it, is cooking kebabs; But kebab is not the only non-fried food with meat. Next week we will talk about stewed food with chicken, meat and vegetables.

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