How to prepare professional Koobide kebab and a delicious restaurant at home

How to prepare professional Koobide kebab and a delicious restaurant at home

Kobideh kebab is one of the most famous and traditional Iranian food in toronto, which is also known as a special food. The history of Kobideh kebab goes back to the Qajar era, and for this reason, this dish is considered one of the old Iranian dishes. Kobideh kebab is very popular among Iranians, and for this reason, it is used for serving in many joyous and mourning gatherings. Because of this popularity, Kobideh kebab is prepared with various recipes such as Koobide kebab in a pan, Koobide kebab with chicken meat, Koobide kebab with soy, etc., which can include all tastes and tastes.

First stage

To prepare a restaurant pounded kebab, first put 400 grams of mutton, 400 grams of veal offal and mutton tail into a meat grinder and grind twice until they are completely combined and uniform.

Second stage

At this stage, we put the minced meat in a suitable and spacious bowl. Next, in a separate container, we grate the onions with a medium grater and squeeze their excess water completely, then pour the onion juice into a small bowl and set it aside.

Third level

At this stage, we put the soaked onion in the refrigerator for 15 minutes until it becomes sweet enough to modify the rice and Koobide, then we add it to the minced meat. Next, we add baking powder along with some salt, black pepper and 2 tablespoons of brewed saffron to the meat.

The fourth stage

At this stage, we must knead the kebab ingredients well so that the meat becomes cohesive so that it becomes sticky so that when you lift the kebab mixture from the bowl, it does not fall into pieces and all the meat is lifted uniformly.

The fifth stage

We continue kneading until the barbecue sauce is uniform and completely consistent, then we put a cellophane on the bowl and let the barbecue sauce rest in the refrigerator for 2 hours. After 2 hours, remove the bowl from the refrigerator.

The sixth stage

To skewer the kebabs, first we soak the wide skewers for the pounded kebab with onion juice, then we take the size of a small orange from the meat and place the skewer between the meat and spread it on the skewer.

The seventh stage

After skewering the kebab, we make a pattern on the meat with our fingers, this work not only makes the brain of the kebab cooked, but also helps the appearance of the kebab. If you find it difficult to skewer the kebab, you can also use a manual grill.

The eighth stage

At this stage, we prepare the charcoal grill with uniform and completely bright coals, then we place the skewers slowly on the grill. After the kebabs are cooked, we turn them continuously so that they cook evenly.

The ninth stage

After the kebabs are finished cooking, we melt the butter on steam and rub it with a clean brush along with saffron. In addition to making the kebabs more beautiful, this makes the kebabs tastier.

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