Iranian food or fast food? Review 8 important differences between these two options

Iranian food or fast food? Review 8 important differences between these two options

Along with all the changes it made in our lifestyle, the modern world also affected our food patterns. In the old days, people’s food was TahChin, stew and meat, they prepared soup for noble parties and rice and stew for normal days! Quick and ready foods were coco and tomato eggplant! But now fast food has replaced many foods in the diet of Iranians. Which do you prefer? Iranian food or fast food?

The choice of fast food does not know age, from children to adults, everyone is a fan of this delicious and tempting food, which has caused many Iranian restaurants to change their menu. In addition to the varied and authentic menu of Iranian dishes, they have dedicated a section to fast food dishes.

However, we all know that the nutritional value of traditional and Iranian food is much higher than fast food.

Amount of fat

One of the most important differences between fast food and traditional Iranian food is the difference in the amount of fat. Due to the presence of processed foods and cheese, fast food is rich in saturated fat and sugar and has less nutrients. Apart from the fact that the fat in fast food is not controllable, cholesterol in fast food is 10 mg more than traditional Iranian food.

Meat and chicken are used in Iranian cuisine and they have little fat compared to the ingredients used in fast food. Apart from this, the amount of meat fat and the amount of oil used in cooking Iranian food can be controlled.

How to cook food

The second most important difference between fast food and Iranian food is in the way of cooking. Fast food foods are usually prepared with high heat in a very short time, which reduces its nutritional value, but Iranian food is generally prepared on low heat for a long time. Of course, this is not true for grilling, and generally grilling meat does not reduce its nutritional value.

Preservative compounds

The presence of preservative compounds in the raw materials used in fast food can be considered an important difference with Iranian food. Preservatives put your health at risk. Apart from this, the existence of such compounds is dangerous for children, pregnant women, and the elderly. Also, such substances are generally associated with allergic reactions, so you may notice a sensitivity to the compounds in it after consuming fast food.

Raw materials used

The fourth difference between fast food and Iranian food is the raw materials used, which are completely different in terms of quality and quality. What is used in the preparation of Vaziri kebab as a popular Iranian dish? Fresh meat and chicken! In cooking all kinds of Iranian dishes, healthy and fresh raw materials such as meat and rice are usually used, which have not lost their quality even when frozen. But the raw materials used in cooking fast food are usually processed and rich in preservatives, which reduce their quality and health.

The presence of vitamins in Iranian food

The fifth difference between Iranian food and fast food is related to the presence of vitamins. No one expects vitamins from fast food, but you know that our body needs vitamins from food. With this account, daily consumption of fast food can cause the body to face vitamin deficiency. The high heat used in cooking fast food generally destroys all the vitamins and minerals in the food, this happens less often in Iranian food.

Corruption of fast food

Another important difference between Iranian food and fast food is their spoilage time. Due to being semi-processed and high in fat, fast food spoils sooner than homemade food. Apart from this, the possibility of contamination and transmission of these foods is also higher.

Storage period

The seventh difference between fast food and Iranian food is their storage time. It is true that fast food foods have preservatives, but these ingredients are effective before cooking and after that they do not have much performance. For this reason, fast food foods will have a short storage time after cooking, this is the case if you can store homemade food for several days in the refrigerator.

The amount of salt

The last difference is related to the amount of salt in these two types of food. We know that salt is the main factor in causing blood pressure and fast foods have a lot of salt, so you can easily control the amount of salt used in cooking Iranian food.

By examining the eight important differences between Iranian food in Toronto and fast food, we come to the conclusion that it is better to reconsider our daily diet and return traditional Iranian food to our diet. Fast food can never be a good substitute for homemade and traditional Iranian food and it is better to limit their consumption during the month.

If you are aware of the information in the food pyramid, you know that after the group of bread and grains, fruits and vegetables, this is the group of meat and dairy products that should be included in your diet plan. Iranian foods, including kebabs, stews, and mixed pilafs, are all very good sources of protein and carbohydrates. On the other hand, Iranian appetizers such as Borani, eggplant or porridge and rice milk are considered as an excellent source of food for dairy products.

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