Read about the types of yogurt soup and how to prepare it!-Part 2

Read about the types of yogurt soup and how to prepare it!-Part 2

If you remember, last week we talked about how to make yogurt soup. Today we want to check other types of it together and learn how to prepare them; Because it’s one of the most popular Iranian(Persian) foods in Toronto.

How to prepare yogurt soup without meat

Another type of yogurt soup is meatless yogurt soup. Yogurt soup without meat is lighter, so you can use this yogurt soup as an appetizer. In the following, we will introduce how to prepare soup without meat.

The necessary ingredients for the preparation of yogurt soup without meat are:

  • A glass of lentils
  • Half a glass of chickpeas
  • Half a glass of half-grain rice
  • Five hundred grams of vegetables
  • Three glasses of yogurt
  • One egg
  • Salt, pepper and turmeric as needed

The steps for preparing yogurt soup without meat are as follows

First stage

First, you should pre-soak the peas and lentils to remove the swelling of your beans, and then cook the peas and lentils separately. After you have cooked the yogurt separately, mix them together and add water to them. Instead of water, you can use chicken broth in yogurt.

Second stage

At this stage, clean half-grain rice and add it to peas, lentils and water.

Third level

Clean and wash the greens and then after the water is gone, mash and chop them. Add the yogurt soup to the pot.

The fourth stage

Peel and wash the onion and then cut it into slices. Fry the onions with turmeric, salt and pepper and add to the soup.

The fifth stage

At this stage, mix the yogurt with an egg and add it to the soup and stir constantly so that the egg does not stick and does not break.

The sixth stage

After the yogurt soup is ready, remove it from the heat and garnish with hot mint and sirdagh.

Mazandarani Yogurt Ash

Among other types of yogurt soup, Mazandarani yogurt soup can be mentioned.

The necessary ingredients for this recipe are:

  • A quarter of a glass of lentils
  • A quarter of a glass of rice
  • A kilo of string
  • A glass of vegetable soup
  • A kilo of yogurt
  • Half a cup of cooked pinto beans or half a cup of chickpeas and beans
  • Plenty of hot onions
  • Sirdagh as needed
  • Hot mint as needed

The way to prepare Mazandarani yogurt soup is to first clean the rice and let it cook well with two glasses of water and mash it. Next, clean and chop the vegetables and add them to the cooked rice. After the vegetables and rice are cooked, dilute the yogurt with water and add it to the soup. Increase the gas flame and keep stirring the Mazandarani yogurt until it boils, otherwise the yogurt may curdle.

After it boils, reduce the gas flame. Next, add beans, noodles, some hot onion, hot mint, hot garlic and curd to your soup, yogurt and stir and let it cook and settle with a gentle heat. Then remove your prepared Mazandarani yogurt from the heat and decorate it with hot onion and hot mint.

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