Seven reasons for the popularity of traditional Iranian food

Seven reasons for the popularity of traditional Iranian food

Food is one of the categories that we should always pay attention to because of its connection with health. Perhaps the reason for the popularity of traditional Iranian foods in Toronto is their positive effect on health. In terms of traditional medicine, climates and weather of each region play a key role in choosing the type of food.

Considering the diversity of the climate and weather of different regions of Iran, in each region of Iran, the desire for different foods as well as the raw materials available in that region determine the type of food in that region. Therefore, the people of each region prepare their desired food according to their raw materials and preferences. In this way, meeting the basic human need, i.e. the need for food, guarantees people’s health in this way.

The reasons for the popularity of traditional Iranian foods

By examining the types of traditional and local foods, we come to the noteworthy features that are among the factors of people’s desire for these foods. In the following, we mention some of these features:

Use of healthy and natural ingredients

The raw materials of most traditional and local dishes include various types of meats, nuts, vegetables and spices. Most of these ingredients are domestically produced and are prepared or grown by farmers and local people.


Many local people who are engaged in agriculture harvest their raw materials every year completely fresh from the agricultural land.

The way of cooking food

In preparing most of the traditional foods, they use the right and proper cooking method. In this way, the effort is to act according to the recommendations of traditional medicine, taking into account the hot and cold temperament of the ingredients. For example, when cooking rice, raisins or dates are added to it; Because rice has a cold nature.

Using side dishes with food

In Iran, they enjoy a lot of side dishes with every meal. Among these side dishes, we can mention pickles, different salads, eating vegetables, yogurt, olives, and drinks like buttermilk. In addition to improving the taste of food, these ingredients make the table look very attractive and increase people’s appetite.

Free from chemical preservatives

As you know, most prepared and industrial foods contain preservatives to increase their shelf life. In many cases, these preservatives can endanger people’s health if consumed in excess. On the contrary, traditional foods are always used fresh and poisoning due to their consumption has not been reported.

The cheapness of traditional food

Traditional foods have a more reasonable price than factory products; Because they are prepared from local and available raw materials.

Adjusting the amount of salt and fat in traditional foods

Traditional foods are healthier than prepared foods in terms of oil and fat content. It is said that the amount of energy of prepared foods is 5 to 7 times that of traditional foods. In this regard, it can be said with certainty that this amount of calories comes from fat and salt more than ready meals.

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