The delicious changes of authentic Iranian food over time!

The delicious changes of authentic Iranian food over time!

Food is delicious for anywhere in the world and whatever it is! Iranian and non-Iranian foods have no difference in popularity. It is a principle that the food of any place is at least attractive to the people of that region if it is not tasty and hearty for us. We always make changes in some dishes that are not recorded in any cooking book or document. Iranian food, which sometimes turns out interesting, but sometimes it is not even close to what we want.

These descriptions aside, most of our favorite foods have changed over the years. Whatever the changes in Iranian food have been, the result today is very pleasant. Stay with Khansalar Restaurant in this article so that we can continue to review the changes in Iranian food together.

One of the most popular Iranian dishes, which has a special place in our hearts, is kebab. A delicious food that is usually known as kebab and rice. It is rare that an Iranian person or a foreign tourist has traveled to Iran and has not eaten its kebabs and rice in different flavors!

Kebab or kebab and rice, the only difference with kebab is the boiled rice that is eaten with it, was one of the national dishes of Iran even during the Qajar period. Of course, it does not mean that this food has not been cooked in Iran before; But anyway, it was during the Qajar period that this dish opened its place in the alley and bazaar eateries and on the table of Iranian families. Who and where cooked this food for the first time? We must say that in a word; The answer to this question is completely unknown! In the restaurant of all hotels, most foreign tourists come to this dish first.

History of cooking kebab

Logically, kebab is prepared from pieces of animal meat that are cooked on fire. With this one line, we can clearly say that the creators of kebab with this convenient and easy formula were early humans. But in the continuation of the progress of delicious Iranian food in Toronto, the people of this country seem to have been able to reach a richer and better formula in the field of cooking this food. If you search the word Kebab in Google, you will see interesting results. Europeans’ description of Iranian kebabs that they ate in Iran during the Safavid era is interesting in this context!

They say that Iranians cook rice with some fresh meat flavored with different spices on fire so delicious that they eat it with their hands! Even the first person of the country and the imperial official, Agha Mohammad Khan Qajar, was very interested in dishes such as lamb, chicken and sheep kebabs along with rice.

Types of kebabs in Iran

In addition to the kebab, in addition to bread or plain and saffron rice, you can have a variety of desserts and side dishes, such as: pomegranate paste, condensed or plain yogurt, various pickles, vegetables, especially basil, parsley and sautéed onions, etc. Having said that, we come to the conclusion that this Iranian food has undergone many changes in different periods. We name different types of Iranian kebabs:

  • Barg Kebab
  • Koobide Kebab
  • Bakhtiari
  • With bones
  • Or boneless
  • Shishlik
  • And many others

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