The healthiest Iranian foods

If you are looking for delicious traditional Iranian food without oil, in this article from Khansalar restaurant, we will share some of the healthiest Iranian food without oil.

They say that Iranian food is delicious only when there is a bit of oil on it. You will not like it until there is a layer of black oil on the black vegetable and the bottom of the rice pot should be immersed in the oil. You may think that Olivier can only be made with mayonnaise to make it tasty, and Sabzi Polo does not taste good without animal oil! But you are wrong. There are low-calorie cooking methods for all foods. Methods that can be easily applied to Iranian food in Toronto. Know these alternative methods so that you can cook low-calorie yet delicious Iranian food.

Rice with added oil is prohibited

To make Persian Green Bean Rice, you can add a little more paste to the ingredients, take it off the stove or add a little lemon juice to make it taste better. To make Sabzi Polo, you can pour some chicken stock on it after cooking so that the rice grains become shiny and delicious. For different types of rice, you can replace the oil with less dangerous ingredients depending on your taste. Don’t forget, you don’t have to put oil on the rice at all. The stew has enough fat. If you cook rice properly, it will be tasty and beautiful even without oil, and its grains will not stick together.

Tahdig with minimal oil

Usually they put oil in the bottom of the pot and put bread, potatoes or other things on it to make a good Tahdig. But if your pot is non-stick, you can make delicious Tahdig with much less oil. Just grease the bottom of the Teflon pot a little with cotton. Note that the oil should be spread all over to make your Tahdig delicious. Now you can put whatever you like in the pot and pour the rice on it.

The healthiest stews

To make the stew, you need to fry the onion and fry the fatty meat in it. Due to the presence of so much oil, stews usually come out greasy. But you can make hot onions using the method of making fat-free hot onions, and then without adding oil, fry the meat in a pan with a little oil and then pour water over them. To make the stew less fat, skip the fatty lamb meat. You can use thigh bone or other lean parts of meat.

For stews that have tomato paste, it is not necessary to fry the paste. Pour the paste into the stew water and stir. If you make the cooking time a little longer, the paste will mix with the rest of the stew ingredients and the raw taste of the paste will disappear.

For stews such as Qorme Sabzi, cook the vegetable completely after chopping and washing. If you cook the vegetable for a longer time, the juice will be completely absorbed, and then you can get the taste of fried vegetable by adding a tablespoon of olive oil. For stews like eggplant, you can cut the eggplants into pieces, then apply a little oil on both sides with a cotton ball and put them in a double-sided pan. The taste of this eggplant will not be much different from fried eggplant (dot). All stews can be cooked with this method with much less oil consumption.

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