The most delicious local dishes of Iran-Part 2

The most delicious local dishes of Iran-Part 2

In the last part of this article, we got to know some of the local dishes of Iran, including Khuzestan. This time, we would like to describe some of the dishes of Khuzestan first, and then move on to other dishes.

Local dishes of Khuzestan


It is true that falafel is introduced as a local dish of Khuzestan, but all the cities of Iran are full of falafel shops. Due to the cheapness of the raw materials used to cook falafel, its final price is very affordable. For this reason, every neighborhood in Tehran has a falafel shop. Cooked chickpeas, spices, and eggs are used in the preparation of falafel, along with some potting mix. If you travel to Ahvaz and want to eat Ahvaz falafel, visit Lashkar Abad Street at night to taste the authentic taste of falafel. And also you can experience this delicious food during your stay in Abadan in one of Abadan villas.


The name Mehlabiya clearly screams that it is an Arabic dish. A delicious dessert made from a combination of flour and corn starch, milk, vanilla, sugar and rose water is called Mehlabiya. This dessert is very similar to porridge.

Local dishes of Gilan

Gilan is one of the most pleasant cities in Iran, which attracts everyone because of its good geographical climate. Apart from the natural and historical attractions of this city, we can introduce the home cooking of the people of Gilan and the delicious food they cook as a tourist attraction in our country.

The local vegetables used in Gilani dishes are so flavorful that they can attract everyone. Gilanis cook a variety of dishes to entertain their guests, and we will introduce some of them to you:


I bet you ask anyone about Rashti food, they will introduce Bagalaqataq to you. Even if he has not tried this food. From the name Bagalaqataq, it can be guessed that its main member is a type of bean. Garlic, which is one of the regular members of Gilani cuisine, also stands out in Bagalaqataq. Eggs and dill are among the other ingredients of beans. You can eat this local Iranian food in Toronto both as an appetizer and with rice as the main dish. And also you can experience this delicious food during your stay in Rasht and Gilan in one of the villas in Gilan and Rasht.

Mirza Ghasemi

Among other popular dishes of North region, we can introduce Mirza Ghasemi to you. A magical combination of grilled eggplant, tomato, egg and garlic makes Mirzagasami. If you like the taste of eggplant curd, you will definitely like Mirza Ghasemi. Mirza Ghasemi can be eaten with fresh bread or kate rice.

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