The most delicious local dishes of Iran

The most delicious local dishes of Iran

Eating is one of the main needs of every person, but it is also considered one of the most enjoyable parts of the trip. These days, stomach-churning and restaurant-hopping have become one of the styles of tourism, and many people are interested in tasting new foods.

Wherever you travel in Iran, you will see ethnic groups who have delicious traditional foods according to their nature and culture. Among thousands of local and traditional dishes, several dishes are more famous than other dishes due to their very good taste and the number of their fans is also more. Even the reputation of some of these Iranian foods in foreign countries is complicated.

Are you ready to get to know the local dishes of Iran?

Disy(Abgoosht), Koobideh kebab, Ash Dough and Mirza Ghasemi are some of the Iranian food in Toronto that can be seen on the table of most Iranians, and many tourists try these traditional and original dishes when they travel to Iran. What is the most famous local food that you know? In this article, we want to introduce you the most famous traditional dishes of Iran and which province or city they belong to.

Local dishes of Khuzestan

No matter what we say about the Khuzestan people’s cooking, we have said little. In the southern region of Iran, since the occupation of most people is fishing, many dishes are cooked based on different fish. Fish meat is combined with fragrant southern spices and of course some magic that drips from the hands of Khuzestan chefs to create delicious local southern dishes. If you travel to Khuzestan province, drink and enjoy their food.

Ghalieh Mahi

Fish roe is one of the famous dishes of Bushehr province, which everyone knows as one of the most delicious stews in the south of our country. This stew is cooked with southern fish, aromatic vegetables and Indian stamps. Basically, fish roe should have a combination of sour and spicy flavors at the same time. But each family cooks this food according to their own taste with their desired sourness and spiciness.


Samboseh(Samosa) is called an imported food. Why? Because this food is originally related to India. But because it first entered Iran from the southern cities of Iran, we know it as a southern food. The most famous samosa is the one made with lavash bread.

A combination of minced meat, various vegetables, paste and aromatic spices are rolled into a square shape inside lavash bread and then fried in hot oil to prepare samosa. During the school days, we had a lot of fun by eating samosa prepared by the school buffet. This delicious dish is usually eaten with tomato sauce. And also you can experience this delicious food during your stay in Ahvaz.

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