The most famous Iranian dishes from the eyes of foreigners

The most famous Iranian dishes from the eyes of foreigners

Which of the dishes are the most famous Iranian(Persian) foods in Toronto from the eyes of foreigners? Like all the questions that are raised regarding the historical and natural attractions of Iran, it will be difficult and complicated to answer this question. The land of Iran has a unique variety of food due to the diverse and amazing ethnic and cultural diversity of its different parts in each region and climate according to the specific eating habits of the residents of that region. Add to this diversity and breadth the difference and diversity of atmospheric and natural to realize the breadth and diversity of tastes and food culture in different regions of the country. That is why more than two thousand types of local food are cooked in the provinces and by different tribes of this vast continent.

When the issue of introducing foreign tourists to different Iranian dishes is raised, the first and simplest answer is different Iranian kebabs. Kebab is one of the most popular and delicious Iranian dishes, which is appreciated by many foreign tourists because of its compatibility with the taste. But this is not the whole story and serving guests with delicious Iranian dishes is a table as wide as the geography and history of a land.

Important factors in introducing Iranian food to foreigners

When it comes to the most famous Iranian dishes from the point of view of foreign tourists, as mentioned, kebabs and then stews are the main options. Iranian kebab, which is known globally by the same name, is welcomed by many tourists due to its appetizing flavor. Stews also tempt many tourists because of the difference and special combination they have. For this reason, it can be claimed that these two groups of Iranian food are more known to foreign tourists. But considering Iran’s wide variety of food, two important factors should be considered to introduce Iranian food to tourists.

The first and main point is the difference in taste and eating habits in different countries, and many of the popular foods of the people of a country may not be to the taste of foreign tourists. The second point that is important in this context is introducing the local and traditional dishes of each city and region to the tourists and foreign guests of that city. Many of these dishes will attract the attention of tourists due to their special composition and cooking.

In this article, five food groups are considered as important factors in introducing Iranian food to foreigners. This grouping almost covers the food taste of all ethnic groups and regions of the country. In each group, an effort has been made to introduce popular Iranian dishes that are also world famous. To learn more about the list of Iranian dishes popular among foreign tourists, stay with Khansalar until the end of this article, which we will publish next week.

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