Types of the best okra(Bamia) stew and how to prepare it

Types of the best okra(Bamia) stew and how to prepare it

One of the most popular types of Iranian(Persian) food in Toronto are stews. There are different types of stews. One of the types of Iranian stews is okra(Bamia) stew, which belongs to the provinces of Kermanshah, Ilam, Khuzestan, Kurdistan and Fars, but it is cooked in all provinces and has its fans. There are differences in how to prepare okra stew in different cities. You can not use meat or chicken in the preparation of okra stew and prepare a completely vegetarian dish. Okra stew is served with rice or bread. In the following, we will introduce a few ways to prepare okra stew. In this article from Khansalar, which is related to how to prepare okra stew, we will introduce how to prepare okra stew with meat, how to prepare okra stew with chicken, and how to prepare okra stew with cobs.

How to prepare okra stew with meat

One of the ways to prepare okra stew is the way to prepare okra stew with meat, which we will discuss below.

The necessary ingredients for this type of okra stew include the following:

  • Three hundred grams of stewed meat
  • Seven hundred grams of okra
  • A large onion
  • Two tablespoons of tomato paste
  • Half a cup of smoothed tamarind
  • Three cloves of grated garlic
  • Infused saffron as needed
  • Black pepper as needed
  • Salt as needed
  • Turmeric as needed
  • Cinnamon as needed
  • Spices as needed

The steps for preparing okra stew with meat are as follows:

First stage

In the first step of how to prepare okra stew, you must first peel and wash the onion, and then chop the onion finely. Pour a little oil in a pot of suitable size and heat it. Add the chopped gems onions to the pot and fry with oil.

Second stage

After the onion becomes light and clear, add the stewed meat to the onion and fry it with the onion and a little oil. After roasting the meat for a while, add all the spices except salt to the pot and roast. At this stage, you should not add salt to the meat; Because it makes the meat hard.

Third stage

Fry the spices, onion and meat for ten minutes and then add some boiling water to the pot. The amount of boiling water should be enough to cover the meat. Then let them cook slowly and completely on low heat.

Fourth stage

While the meat is cooking, fry the okra in a separate pan with some oil and set aside.

Fifth stage

After the meats are fully cooked, fry a little tomato paste in a separate dish and add it to the meat pot.

Sixth stage

After you add the tomato paste to the pot, add the roasted okra to the pot and let it cook for thirty to forty minutes. If the okra stew water was low, at this stage of how to prepare okra stew, you can carefully add boiling water to it.

Seventh stage

After this period of time has passed and the okra stew has been added to the oil, in this step of how to prepare okra stew, carefully add infused saffron, tamarind and salt to your okra stew. Let your stew cook for another fifteen minutes and let the ingredients taste each other well. Okra stew with your meat is ready.

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