What is the best and tastiest vegetable for Ghormeh Sabzi?!

What is the best and tastiest vegetable for Ghormeh Sabzi?!

Ghormeh Sabzi is considered an original, ceremonial and historical dish for Iranians, and it is one of the most popular Iranian dishes for us Iranians. The point in preparing Ghormeh Sabzi is that in different cities, different recipes are used to prepare this popular dish, which is the difference in the composition of Ghormeh Sabzi. The most important composition in this dish is the vegetable ingredients of Ghormeh and all the aroma of Ghormeh Sabzi is related to its vegetables. Therefore, one of the most common questions while preparing Ghormeh Sabzi is which vegetable should be used for Ghormeh Sabzi? Because the most important ingredient in preparing this tasty and popular authentic Iranian food in Toronto is the vegetable of this delicious dish. In order to know what sabzi Ghormeh Sabzi contains, it should be said that the fixed members of the composition of vegetables used in Ghormeh Sabzi are a combination of leek, coriander, parsley, fenugreek and spinach, but the more accurate answer to the question of what Ghormeh Sabzi contains is In some cities, this combination of vegetables may be slightly different and vegetables may be added or subtracted from it. In the rest of this article, we will refer to the review of some of these vegetable combinations.

What is the vegetable used in Qormah Sabzi?

Ghorme Sabzi includes the following:

Coriander vegetable

Coriander is an aromatic vegetable whose leaves are very similar to parsley leaves. But their difference is that coriander leaves are more tender than parsley leaves. Coriander herb can act as a very strong and effective antiviral and antibiotic of the body. Coriander vegetable has many properties and benefits, one of its properties is that it can act as a strong germicide and prevent the spread of diseases to the body. Among the other properties of cilantro, we can mention the relief of bile, relief of stomach inflammation, increase of appetite and prevention of the rise of vapors to the brain. The nature of coriander is cold and dry. (type: soda)


Leek has a more balanced taste than onions and chives, and that is why it is very popular. It looks like an onion. Lettuce contains minerals and vitamins, iron and creatine are among the most important nutrients in it. Among the properties of leek, it can be mentioned that it makes the mouth smell good, treats hemorrhoids, strengthens sexual powers, improves digestion, regulates the bowels, is diuretic, and removes blockages. The nature of leek is hot and dry. (character: bile)


Parsley is a widely used and popular vegetable that is used in many dishes. Parsley greens have an antioxidant called lutein, which causes the elimination of oxidative stress, and also parsley greens have vitamins such as vitamin A, C, and K. Among the properties of parsley are things like strengthening the liver and removing liver blockage, cleansing the bladder, removing spleen blockage, strengthening a cold stomach, removing coldness and dampness of the brain, and diuretic. The nature of parsley is hot and dry. (character: bile)

Fenugreek vegetable

Fenugreek is rich in minerals such as iron, calcium, copper, etc. and vitamins and has many properties. Among the properties of fenugreek, we can mention things like strengthening the lungs, strengthening the sexual powers, expelling phlegm, removing colic, regulating bowel movements, enemas of stomach wastes and enemas of intestinal wastes. The nature of fenugreek is hot and dry. (character: bile)


Spinach is rich in minerals and vitamins and adding it to recipes is very beneficial for health. Among the properties of spinach, we can mention the treatment of diabetes, rapid weight loss, thirst quenching and inflammation quenching. The nature of spinach is cold and moist. (nature: phlegm)

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