What should I cook for lunch? List of delicious dishes for lunch

What should I cook for lunch? List of delicious dishes for lunch

The question of what to cook for lunch is one of the biggest concerns for housewives and even men who are interested in cooking, and every day they review the question of “what to cook for lunch” in their minds. In Iran, rice dishes and various types of stews are usually used to prepare lunch. The stews that are cooked in each province according to the taste of that place and the spices that are used in the food are also according to the climate and weather and the taste of the people of that city. If you don’t have a new and varied menu for lunch, don’t worry!

What should I cook with meat for lunch?

Here I will teach you a list of dishes that you can cook for lunch.

Qorme Sabzi stew

Qorme Sabzi is a symbol of Iranian(Persian) food(cuisine) in Toronto and there are few people who do not like this authentic Iranian food with fresh vegetables. In most provinces of Iran, Qorme Sabzi is prepared in the same way.

Gheime Stew with potatoes

Another delicious, colorful and glazed stew for lunch is Gheime stew with potatoes. This delicious stew is famous for the month of Muharram, and most Hosseini mourners cook “Gheime Nazri”.

For parties and gatherings, the choice of Gheime stew is unique. To prepare ghee with potatoes, we first fry the onions. We add the soaked cob to the onion. We add spices such as cinnamon and turmeric to the ingredients.

Celery stew

Celery is one of the nutritious and useful vegetables for the body, and those who are on a slimming diet eat celery juice. Celery is also used for salad. This useful vegetable is also served as a stew in Iran.

The cooking method of celery stew is the same as that of Ghorme Sabzi stew. First, wash the celery and cut it into small pieces. Then chop the onion and let it fry. Then add the celery that you have washed and roasted before.

Okra stew

Okra stew is one of the delicious and unique dishes from the southern region of Iran. Okra is one of the anti-depressant plants. Okra is good for controlling blood cholesterol.

Like soy, it has protein and is useful for treating fatty liver. To prepare okra stew, first clean the heads of the okra so that it is not too short and the slimy material and eggs inside the okra do not come out. For this dish, onions, potatoes, pieces of stewed meat and pickles such as broth and lemon juice are needed.

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