Taste Best Iranian(Persian) Foods in Toronto

Persian food ( Iranian food or cuisine ) is very special and popular in Toronto due to its influence on the culture of all regions and regions of Iran.

In fact, because of the special aroma and taste that exists in all kinds of healthy and delicious food and the cooks who put these flavors together with special skill, an excellent and original food is prepared.

For this reason, with the change of climate from north to south and from east to west, Iranian foods will become one of the special and memorable memories in Toronto.

This variety of Persian food, which is the nature of all people, has doubled the fame and popularity of the country of Iran.

6 of the most popular Iranian dishes in Toronto

1. Baghali Polo With Lamb Shank

Baghali Polo With Lamb Shank is one of the most special Iranian dishes for special parties and important and dear guests.

Green beans next to Iranian rice and in the middle of fragrant vegetables, saffron and animal butter will make this dish unique.

Of course, the existence of Lamb Shank has also made its taste unique. Therefore, it can be safely said that Baghali Polo With Lamb Shank should be considered as the first popular and famous dish of Persian food for all people.


2. Gheimeh stew, one of the Iranian dishes

Another Iranian dish that is very popular is Gheimeh stew.

Gheimeh is often prepared with fried potato slices and sometimes with eggplant, the former is called Gheimeh Sib Zamini and the latter is called Gheimeh Bademjan.

To prepare Gheimeh stew, minced meat is cooked with onions, cobs, tomato paste, Citrus aurantifulia and water until it is completely absorbed.

Finally, fried potatoes or fried eggplant are added to the stew and eaten with plain or saffron rice.


3. Fesenjan stew from other Iranian dishes

The great and different taste of Fesenjan stew is another popular type of Persian food. Some people cook this stew with chicken meat and others prepare it with minced meat.

Of course, in both cooking methods, this stew always has its excellent and popular taste and aroma.

Ghormeh Sabzi

4. Ghormeh Sabzi is an authentic Iranian food

Ghormeh Sabzi Stew is an authentic and delicious Iranian dish. All men who love this stew and its taste, like to serve it with saffron rice and its delicious bottom.

The presence of aromatic and excellent vegetables to cook this stew and meat, red beans and lemon will make it excellent and hearty.

Kebab Platter

5. Kebab and its types

All kinds of kebabs and Koobideh are very famous and popular among Iranians and foreigners.

Whether this dish is served with saffron rice and fresh vegetables, or with Sangak bread and an excellent Dough drink, its delicious taste and aroma will always be recorded.

Chicken breast kebab

6. Chicken kebab

Iranians love meat and chicken, sheep and veal are definitely present in most Persian dishes.

One of the most delicious meat dishes is chicken kebab, which is cooked on charcoal and is very delicious.

One of the traditions of Iranians is that when they go camping in the heart of nature, they must take the necessary ingredients to prepare chicken kebab and cook the chickens right there on charcoal and fire!

chicken kebab is eaten with grilled tomatoes, saffron rice and butter, which is a very delicious combination.