Diced chicken breast, sautéed with crushed walnuts and thick pomegranate sauce

$ 18.99
Gheymeh Bademjan

Sauteed slices of aubergines and split chick peas, chunk of lamb, onion and tomato

$ 15.99

Lamb pieces sautéed with onions, turmeric , saffron and cooked with yellow split peas, dried lime in tomato based sauce

$ 12.00
Ghorme Sabzi Stew

veal cooked with red kidney beans and herbs

$ 15.99
Baghali Polo & Chicken kebab

Chicken kebab with dill & fava beans

$ 16.00
Baghali Polo & Lamb shank

Slow cooked lamb shank with dill rice & fava beans

$ 25.99